Hidden Pearl In The Mountain Side: Mugen No Sato Onsen

The stress of everyday life can really take a toll on our mind and body. What better than to take a bath while enjoying picturesque scenery to take your mind off things? If you’re looking to re-energize, the private waterfall onsen is a must try. Come and discover the hidden pearl that is Mugen no Sato Onsen!

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Away from the loudness of the city

Mugen no Sato is a beautiful onsen located on the mountain side of Beppu. It’s available by both car and bus, the closest bus stop being Horita Onsen Mae. The first thing you will notice when you head towards the onsen is the panoramic view of downtown Beppu. As you go further in and reach the onsen, you are immediately surrounded by nature and removed from the sound of the highway. The Mugen no Sato Onsen residence gives off a stylish and rustique vibe, which perfectly blends in with its scenic surroundings.

Mugen no sato Onsen offers both public and private baths, but in this article we will only cover the private waterfall onsen. Don’t worry if you are unsure about which onsen you would like to try, the friendly staff will not hesitate to help you out and explain the different options! Don’t forget to stamp your onsen passport before you make your way to the onsen.

A postcard-picture view

Before you’ve even entered the onsen you can already hear the soothing sound of the waterfall drizzling onto the rocks, blocking you off from the outside world. Leading up to the onsen is a beautiful stone path, where you can enjoy the nature and the sound of animal life as you head to the changing area. When you go inside the changing hut, there is a small area where you can leave your belongings. You do not need to bring any toiletry as it is offered as part of the experience, but remember to bring your own towel. Make sure to wash off with the onsen water at the side before you enter the bath.

It is hard to miss the waterfall as soon as you step outside, as it is quite the view to behold. Surrounded by unspoiled scenery and the sound of nature, it creates an idyllic atmosphere unlike no other. The onsen itself is a stunning stone bath, giving you a first class view of the waterfall from the comfort of the warm water. It’s the perfect place to go with friends, or if you want to re-energize by enjoying some alone time.

On top of the undeniable gorgeous landscape, the sulfuric milky-white water feels great on the skin and soothes any muscle ache, which is really adding to the feeling of luxury that the private onsen provides. Trying to get that perfect Instagram picture? Mugen no Sato Onsen is also a great location for taking some beautiful pictures to spice up your Instagram feed!

After you’ve finished your bath, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the forest from the reception balcony. There’s also multiple benches placed along the river side where you can wind down if you want to get a closer look. There’s nothing like the burbling sound of water to make you forget about the loudness of city life! The residence sports some impressive scenery, so make sure to explore the area before you decide to head back. To replenish your energy after the bath, we recommend trying the coffee milk which is an essential part of Japanese bath house tradition!

Heal your mind

As mentioned earlier, Mugen no Sato Onsen is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Being able to relax while watching and listening to the waterfall is a really magical experience that is sure to heal your stress. We can guarantee that you’ll be leaving Mugen no Sato Onsen with both a calm body and mind. Make sure to check out the private waterfall bath the next time you are in Beppu!

Basic info

OPEN: 10:00 to 18:00
FEE: 3000 yen for 50 minutes

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