Onsen Etiquette: Let’s Get To Know Onsen Manners!

To help you enjoy Japanese hot springs (onsen), we’ll now introduce some basic onsen etiquette and customs.

In Japanese hot springs, there are a few customs to ensure that everybody can enjoy the hot springs comfortably with each other.
If you are unaware of the way to enter and use Japanese hot springs, you might get a bit perplexed, but there’s nothing difficult involved, so please read this article before visiting the hot springs.
You’ll definitely be able to more smoothly enjoy them after reading this article!

Onsen Etiquette Before Entering the Onsen

When entering a hot spring, please take off all clothing, including underwear.
It is against Japanese custom to enter the water whilst wearing any items of clothing.

Before entering the water, let’s “Kakeyu”!
“Kakeyu” is a Japanese term which means to wash and clean your whole body with hot water.
(There’s no need to scrub hard!)
Let’s clean our bodies of dirt and impurities in hot water before enjoying the hot springs!

Manners Whilst in the Onsen

You cannot put your towel inside the hot spring water.
The towel is used for washing the body, so if you put it in the water, you could dirty the water.
You can either place it on your head, or leave it in the washroom instead.

Also, please don’t leave the showers in the washroom running, and only use the hot water when you need to!

Manners When Getting Out of the Onsen

Please wipe yourself over with your towel when you get out of the hot spring and go to the dressing room. If you don’t, the floor in the dressing room will get soaked.
So, out of consideration for the people who will use the hot spring after you, please dry yourself and then go to the dressing room.

Let’s enjoy Japanese hot springs smartly by following the onsen etiquette above!

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