A Foot Massage With My Onsen? All Is Possible at Hotel Beppu Pastoral!

Hello there! I am excited to tell you about my amazing experience in the onsen of Hotel Beppu Pastoral! First of all, let me share a tip with you. I found this really cool book full of coupons and suggestions of what to do while visiting Beppu! This book it’s called BE Beppu and you can buy it in Beppu Station. Thanks to this book, I found a coupon for an amazing experience in this beautiful onsen!

Just in front of the park near the Sakai River, you can find the Hotel Beppu Pastoral. There are wooden stairs that connect the park and the hotel. And I must say that the view is really beautiful!

Once inside you will see on your left the lobby, where they have really nice staff that can help you find your way to the onsen. They do have staff that talk in English so you won’t have any problems communicating! Also, if you follow my suggestion of buying the book, you can use the free coupon for the onsen between the hours of 15:00 to 21:00! You just need to take the book and show the coupon to the staff so they can put the stamp of your use.

The staff is extremely nice, so they will show you the way to the onsen. The hotel is really beautiful and you’ll get to see it on your way.

When you arrive at the onsen, you will see a glass door. On the left is the men’s side onsen and on the right, the women’s side.

Inside you will need to take off your shoes and you will find the wood stand where you can leave them.

They have wooden baskets and metal lockers with a key lock. You may choose whichever you see fit. As for myself, I choose the wooden baskets. It is important you bring a towel because if you are not staying in the hotel, they won’t offer you one!

The onsen is really spacious! And for my luck, I got the whole place for myself! You will see on your right the showers. They provide shampoo, hair conditioner, and liquid body soap, so you don’t need to worry about bringing some.

There are two huge onsen baths inside just in front of the showers. One is hotter than the other, so you get to choose the temperature of your liking. And you get the prettiest view to the outside onsen full of plants!
The temperature of the water is perfect! And the whole combination of the view, the sounds, and the hot water are completely relaxing! I just wanted to stay there the whole day!

For using the outside onsen, you’ll have to go through the door located on the right side of the baths. I really recommend it! Mostly when you think you are feeling too hot, the air of the open bath feels really refreshing.

The open bath is beautifully decorated with rocks, plants and small waterfalls. The water is not as hot as the baths from inside, but is still a great temperature. What I did was that I would change baths a couple of times when I felt too hot in the inside bath, making it the perfect balance.

Once you finish your bath you can use the facilities inside the changing room where the lockers are located. You will find hairdryers, hairbrushes, and lotions that you can use if you need them.

And something I found really interesting is a wooden acupuncture table for your feet! You can find the instructions on the wall. Unfortunately, they are all in Japanese. But what I did is that I translated by using Google translate and it worked just fine! I think this was the part that I enjoyed the most! It was like the final touch for all my tension to disappear!

Basic Info

Hotel Beppu Pastoral
OPEN: 15:00 to 21:00 *Due to the coronavirus outbreak, only guests staying at the hotel may use onsen facilitues.
FEE: 800 yen
TATTOO: Not Allowed
ADDRESS:1-4, Higashi Soen, Beppu, Oita, 874-0836, Japan
WEBSITE: http://www.pastoral.jp/
CONTACT: +81-977-23-4201

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