Kitahama’s Bayside Oasis, Hotel New Tsuruta

Hotel New Tsuruta

Imagine a conveniently located onsen where you can escape the bustling city streets. Hotel New Tsuruta is an oasis that sits along the coast of Beppu in the lively Kitahama district. As the surrounding streets are lined with travelers and locals alike filling shops, pubs, and cafes, the hotel’s peaceful atmosphere stands in stark contrast. That is why we would like to introduce the onsen facilities located on the sixth floor of this bayside hotel.

Point of Interest 1: Relaxation At Its Finest

From your first step into Hotel New Tsuruta, you will be treated like a VIP guest as a doorman ushers you into the reception room. Ask the attendant for entrance to the drop-in onsen by saying, “Tachiyoriyu ii desu ka?” and you’ll be lifted up in the nearby elevator to the 6th floor. Here, you will be sharing facilities with hotel guests and it won’t be long before you feel like one yourself.

Arriving on the top floor, you will make your way to the men’s or women’s bath, but not before stopping to take in the view of the cityscape sprawling outside the windows.

Step through the spacious, equipped changing area and push aside the sliding door to the bathing area.

The view of Beppu Bay will dazzle you.

It is an endless blue lined with small ships buoying on the harbor. Taking in this sight, lower yourself into the rock lined bath. The water is hot and soft, and within moments, you’ll be fully relaxed. There are few things as therapeutic as soaking in onsen while taking in the view of the gentle ocean waves.

If you move to the open-air bath, you can peek through the bamboo fence the outline of neighboring Oita City and Shikoku Island in the distance. If you tire of the hot spring baths, there is even a small sauna attached. Your body will melt as you inhale the pleasant vapors of the wood.

Point of Interest 2: Spring Content

Though the facilities may not look it, this onsen has a long history. The abundant water of this particular onsen dates back to Japan’s Tenpo Era (1830-1844). On site, the hotel boasts two spring sources with content reaching 60 degrees Celsius. Thus, you can rest assured of the quality of its clear, bicarbonate chloride bath; water is only added to lower the temperature. Moreover, this spring’s healing properties are said to be effective on scars, chronic illness, fatigue, and stiffness, among other ailments.

Point of Interest 3: Convenience

Hotel New Tsuruta’s location allows not only for its ocean view, but also makes it one of the most conveniently located onsen in Beppu. Just a mere 10 minute-walk from Beppu Station and surrounded by clusters of restaurants and pubs, this spring is a perfect choice for the traveler. What’s more is that the hot spring is available for public use until 9 pm, proving it one of the most luxurious choices for late night onsen dipping in the station vicinity.


There is no other place in the area of Beppu Station to feel quite like this. The accommodations and service will put you in the shoes of a hotel guest, while the juxtaposition of the bustling streets below and the ocean stretching before you emphasize the healing nature of this onsen.

Basic Info

OPEN: 10:00 – 20:00
FEE: 650 YEN
TATTOO: Not allowed

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