Completely Pure Hot Spring At Just 100 Yen?!

Have you ever heard of Matsubara Onsen?

It is one of the hot springs that I want you to visit amongst the hot springs located around Beppu Station.

The three reasons are as follows.

1. 100% pure Onsen

Beppu’s hot spring sources generally have a high temperature, and the addition of water is mostly used for lowering the temperature. Not all the hot springs are being diluted, but don’t you want to be able to experience a hot spring 100% from its source if you were to come to Beppu? You can really feel it through your skin when it’s a hot spring 100% from the source, heated through the power of nature.

There are a lot of communal hot springs in the vicinity of the station, but the number of places 100% from the source is limited.
Matsubara Onsen is one of the few communal hot springs that are 100%.

This hot spring’s special characteristic is that it is a hot spring where water constantly flows at just the right temperature into the bath.

A ten-minute walk from Beppu Station, Matsubara Onsen “used to be called Matsuzu-Yu in the olden days. Long ago, it was a famous hot spring on a small street after crossing a small stone bridge.” You can see this introduction written there.

2. Lovely Watchdog, Momo-chan

When I opened the door, I was greeted by the old lady at the attendant booth and the resident watchdog, Momo-chan! Having a watchdog there was really heart-warming.

It looks as if Momo-chan has taken on the role of receptionist. Before entering the hot spring, you feel completely healed by the sight.

3. THE Beppu Local Hot Spring

The bathtub and the dressing room are integrated in true Beppu fashion.

The color of the hot water that accumulates in the bathtub is a pale, light green which transforms into a shiny, transparent emerald color.

Furthermore, as a hot spring with high iron content, the bathtub itself gives off the smell of iron and the hot spring has the faint taste of iron. Because of that, it can be said it is 100% from the source.

Additionally, there are two hot springs, hot water and the lukewarm hot spring, in Matsubara Onsen. Because of the extreme difference in these two temperatures, I think it’s a good place for those who enjoy the difference or are not good at handling the intense heat.
I also recommend places like Kamiya Onsen and Nageshi Onsen for those who like hot water because these hot hot springs are both crowded in the same area as Matsubara Onsen.

The partition between men and women is one thick wall, but both are visible from the place where the attendant is.

Also there is a washing machine placed in the bathroom, making the local feel of the place very prominent.

How about stopping by the luxurious Matsubara Onsen, which is unbelievably only 100 Yen?

Address: Matsubara-cho 3-4, Beppu City
Fee: 100 Yen
Open: 6:30-12:00, 15:00-23:00

How to get to Beppu, where Matsubara Onsen is located
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