Natural Hot Spring For All Five Senses: Tsukahara Onsen

In this article, we will introduce the natural hot spring Tsukahara Onsen Kako no Izumi and the Crater Fountain near Beppu Onsen, the hot spring resort of Japan.

on the way to Tsukahara Onsen

Onsen relies 100% on Location and how it impacts your 5 senses

To get to this Onsen, you must first drive 40 minutes by car, climb the mountain road, through the grassland, onto the gravel road, and Tsukuhara Onsen will appear just before you begin to get uneasy, wondering if there could really be an onsen in such a place. The people in the middle of the following photo are the owners.

the appearance of Tsukahara Onsen

Tsukahara Onsen is in the vicinity of the crater of Mt. Garan, an active volcano that still steams, and you can actually visit the crater.

Crater Fountain1

Hot white steam. Natural minerals found in hot springs all over the rocks. And the distinct scent of sulfur. With all this real volcanic activity in front of you, it will surely increase your expectations and excitement for the hot spring.

Crater Fountain2

As you soak in the hot water, close your eyes and you will hear refreshing sounds of the trees and birds chirping. In this secret hot spring in the mountains, it will make you feel comfortable being wrapped in nature.

outdoor onsen

At Tsukahara Onsen, there are indoor baths, outdoor baths, and family baths. You can choose the bath that you want to enter. For those who want to enjoy the sounds of nature, or see the beautiful green mountains, we highly recommend the outdoor or family baths.

family bath

Special Attention to Stimulants in Japan’s top class hot springs

Tsukahara Onsen is said to be one of the three major medicinal hot springs in Japan and is famous for its strong ingredients. Specifically, it has the highest iron content in Japan, and the second highest aluminum content and acidity strength.

bath tab

Even if you are not an expert in onsen, anyone can feel the strength of the acidity level of 1.4.

indoor onsen

The first thing you will notice is the color. As you can see from the concentration of ingredients the color of the water is yellow-green.


Your fingertips will quickly prune after soaking in this water. Because of the strength of the acidity, some people say that when you enter the hot spring your skin feels softer. However, it is perfectly ok to not feel anything as well. If the hot water enters your eyes, then the tears will probably come out, and you can taste the acidity if some of it enters your mouth.

fingertips will quickly prune by hot spring

Reading only this, some people may be wondering if this onsen is really OK to enter, but we assure you that it is completely safe. Because the ingredients are so dense, the effect is high. These hot springs are effective for skin diseases and injuries. If you repeat the process of going into the water, drying off, and then entering again, you can expect it to beautify your skin as well!

out door bath of Tsukahara onsen

The Power of the Onsen and Delicious Souvenirs

Tsukahara Onsen can be enjoyed with your tongue, eyes, ears, nose, and skin. The steamed egg, which is a specialty of Tsukahara Onsen, has been steamed for 20 hours with the steam of the fumarolic fountain in Mt. Garan!

boild egg by hot spring

As the hot spring ingredients enter the egg, it turns a dark brown and you can taste the savory smoke as you eat. Eggs are sold for 500 yen for 6 pieces, but it is so delicious that you can easily eat it two days in a row.

package of the egg

Feel the Four Seasons in the Mountains

Tsukahara Onsen is located in the middle of Mt. Garan at an altitude of 1,045 meters, enjoying fresh green in the spring, autumn leaves, dark green and the hum of cicadas in the summer, and snow in the winter. The scenery vastly changes with each new season. However, it may close due to snow in the winter, so please contact us at the tourist information office in front of Beppu Station.

nature at Tsukahara onsen

Basic Info

HOURS:Jun to Aug: 09:00 – 19:00 (last entry at 18:00) Sep to May: 09:00 – 18:00 (last entry at 17:00)
CLOSED:Year End and New Year’s Holidays (Also closes without prior notice depending on the weather condition)
FEE: Indoor Bath: 500 YEN Open-Air Bath: 600 YEN

How to get to Beppu, where Tsukahara Onsen is located
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