Dip In Onsen With Your Swimsuit At Kitahama Onsen TERMAS

Is it your first time going to an onsen, and you are worried about being seen naked in front of strangers? Or are you travelling with friends of the opposite gender and want to enjoy taking an onsen together? If either of these situations seem familiar to you, then Kitahama Onsen TERMAS is perfect for you. At this rare type of onsen, you can go in with your swimsuit! In this article, we will tell you the do’s and don’ts of entering this unique, conveniently located onsen.

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Onsen With Your Swimsuit

appearance of onsen

This onsen is located right next to Beppu Spa Beach, only a short walk from Beppu Station. Beppu, the onsen capital of Japan, is known for its myriad of unique onsen, many of which are easily accessible from Beppu Station. Walking up to it, you can see the large outdoor mixed onsen that is this onsen’s main attraction.

put shoes in a locker

After you arrive, take your shoes off and put them in a locker, and then exchange the shoe locker key for a key to the changing room lockers.


If you do not have a bathing suit or towel, then do not worry because you can rent it at the check in desk for an additional price.

Man’s bathroom

Women’s bathroom

Depending on when you go, the men and women’s changing rooms can be on either side.

Sign and rules

At this onsen, you can wear your swimsuit in the outside mixed onsen and still take a normal onsen after you have finished outside. There are signs directing you to the different areas in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean, so you do not need to worry about ending up in the wrong area.

Sign and rules

The mixed onsen area has one large onsen of lukewarm water as the main feature, with a round jacuzzi pool in the center, and a normal hot onsen in the far corner.

outdoor bath1

Inside in the entrance way, there are also a sauna and a cold water bath. From these baths, you can look out onto Matogahama Beach with a lovely view of the ocean and Mount Takasaki in the distance.

outdoor bath2

The big onsen outside is deep enough for small children to swim, so keep that in mind before letting any children unable to swim to enter unattended. It also has jets, places to lie down, as well as being accessible from both the outside deck and inside when it is too cold in the winter.


There’s A Normal Onsen As Well!

Once you have had your fill of the outdoor onsen, head inside for a shower and a dip in the normal onsen.


Please keep in mind that in the separated onsen area, bathing suits are not allowed, so please place them in the storage shelves just inside the exit from the outdoor bath.


If you are on the left side onsen area, then you will find cedar wood onsen, along with an outdoor bath and a steam sauna.


On the right side section of onsen, there are stone baths and another outdoor onsen as well.

indoor bath

Body soap and shampoo are provided, so do not worry about bringing your own.

Body soap and shampoo

The hairdryers in the changing room are also free to use.

hair dryer

Relax After Bathing

After you have finished with the onsen, buy a drink or some ice cream from the vending machine area, and head up to the second floor, where there are tatami mats to relax while looking out over the outdoor bath and the ocean.

relaxing space

This onsen is a great way to experience onsen culture with all of your friends regardless of gender, and the variety of baths inside make it a great way to spend the afternoon even if you come alone. Additionally, you can watch the Christmas and Beppu Summer Festival’s fireworks from the outdoor bath, which is a unique way to attend two of Beppu’s most popular events!

Basic Info

OPEN:10:00〜22:00 (last entry 21:00)
FEE:700YEN (child 350yen)

How to get to Beppu, where Kitahama Onsen TERMAS is located
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