30 Mar. 2022

Beppu No Oyado Kagaya: Explore The Hot Spring Cave

Only a minute walk from Beppu Tower, you will find Kagaya, a quaint inn from the Showa era (1926-1989). Conveniently located in Beppu centre, Beppu no […]
30 Mar. 2022

Zekkeinoyado Sakuratei: Enjoy Beppu From Above

Located on the top of a hill in the Kannawa area, you will find Sakuratei, infamous for its panoramic view of Beppu. Surrounded by cherry blossom […]
30 Mar. 2022

Hotel Takenoi: Accommodating Everyone’s Needs

Hotel Takenoi is hard to miss with its solid red colour, situated right in front of Beppu tower. The popular inn is famous for its focus […]
25 Mar. 2022

Yumehinoki No Yu Daibutsu Onsen: Keeping The Legacy Alive

Yumehinoko no Yu Daibutsu Onsen is a small communal bath run by Takashi Yamamura, the third generation of a family running hot springs enjoyed by locals. […]
25 Mar. 2022

5 Onsens For Hands, Just Three Mins Away From The Station

Hello present and future Kyushu travelers! As you might know, Kyushu is a beautiful southern island in Japan.. When you travel to Kyushu, be sure not […]
24 Mar. 2022

Kamioka Onsen Hozanso: The Skin-Beautifying Hot Spring

Dubbed by onsen-experts as a skin beauty onsen, Kamioka Onsen Hozanso’s unique spring water has earned a great reputation for its beautifying abilities! The small inn […]
22 Mar. 2022

Nagomi No Yado Mutsuki: Where Traditional Meets Modern

Nagomi No Yado Mutsuki, or Mutsuki for short, is a traditional Japanese inn that is located at the foot of Mt. Ogiyama. Mutsuki hosts multiple hot […]
18 Mar. 2022

Miyukiya: Like Walking Into A Museum

If you look up the word charming in the dictionary, the first thing you will find is a picture of Miyukiya and the lovely people running […]
17 Mar. 2022

Daikokuya – Enjoy Onsen With Toji Experience

Daikokuya is a Japanese-style ryokan located in the Kannawa area. It was founded during the Showa era and continues to operate today. Takuya Yasunami is the […]
11 Mar. 2022

Tenku-Yubo Seikaiso: A Beppu Bay dream

Located right in the center of downtown Beppu you can find Tenku-Yubo Seikaiso, a hotel that features a luxurious ocean view. The hotel offers several different […]
11 Mar. 2022

Accessible For All: Wheelchair-Friendly Hot Springs

If you are concerned about finding an accessible hot spring when you visit Beppu, don’t worry we got you! In this article we will be introducing […]
04 Mar. 2022

A Blast From The Past: The Traditional Ryokan Sennari

Only a four-minute walk away from Beppu station you will find Kappo Ryokan Sennari; a charming, traditional Japanese inn. Ryokan Sennari offers a private and public […]