12 Aug. 2022

Morihan Bettei: Savor Tea and Snacks at This Unique Onsen Tea Room and Coffee Space

Morihan Bettei is a facility dotted with healing spots such as hot springs, a river, and forests scattered on a vast site of approximately 13,000 square […]
12 Aug. 2022

Beppu Onsen Suginoi Hotel: Soak in the Magnificent Panorama of the Beppu Bay from Expansive Infinity Onsen Baths

Beppu Onsen Suginoi Hotel takes advantage of its premium location to ensure superb views of Beppu’s surrounding mountains and the Beppu Bay in the distance. This […]
25 Jul. 2022

Sakurayu: Enjoy an Enchanted Garden With 20 Different Types of Private Hot Spring Baths

*Please note that you are usually not allowed to wear a swimsuit when bathing in onsen. *Except for the communal bath, the onsen baths here are […]
25 Jul. 2022

Beppu Ohirayama Onsen Okatanoyu: Relax in a Miniature Onsen Village Enveloped by Nature

*Please note that you are usually not allowed to wear a swimsuit when bathing in onsen. *The onsen baths here are private, so those with tattoos […]
30 Mar. 2022

Beppu No Oyado Kagaya: Explore The Hot Spring Cave

Only a minute walk from Beppu Tower, you will find Kagaya, a quaint inn from the Showa era (1926-1989). Conveniently located in Beppu centre, Beppu no […]
30 Mar. 2022

Zekkeinoyado Sakuratei: Enjoy Beppu From Above

Located on the top of a hill in the Kannawa area, you will find Sakuratei, infamous for its panoramic view of Beppu. Surrounded by cherry blossom […]
30 Mar. 2022

Hotel Takenoi: Accommodating Everyone’s Needs

Hotel Takenoi is hard to miss with its solid red colour, situated right in front of Beppu tower. The popular inn is famous for its focus […]
25 Mar. 2022

Yumehinoki No Yu Daibutsu Onsen: Keeping The Legacy Alive

Yumehinoko no Yu Daibutsu Onsen is a small communal bath run by Takashi Yamamura, the third generation of a family running hot springs enjoyed by locals. […]
25 Mar. 2022

5 Onsens For Hands, Just Three Mins Away From The Station

Hello present and future Kyushu travelers! As you might know, Kyushu is a beautiful southern island in Japan.. When you travel to Kyushu, be sure not […]
24 Mar. 2022

Kamioka Onsen Hozanso: The Skin-Beautifying Hot Spring

Dubbed by onsen-experts as a skin beauty onsen, Kamioka Onsen Hozanso’s unique spring water has earned a great reputation for its beautifying abilities! The small inn […]
22 Mar. 2022

Nagomi No Yado Mutsuki: Where Traditional Meets Modern

Nagomi No Yado Mutsuki, or Mutsuki for short, is a traditional Japanese inn that is located at the foot of Mt. Ogiyama. Mutsuki hosts multiple hot […]
18 Mar. 2022

Miyukiya: Like Walking Into A Museum

If you look up the word charming in the dictionary, the first thing you will find is a picture of Miyukiya and the lovely people running […]