30 Nov. 2020

Onsen In The Forest: Yuyama No Sato

There are many onsen where you can enjoy thermal spring waters with modern luxuries: shower stalls, vending machines, massage chairs, etc. There are fewer places, however, […]
21 Nov. 2020

Onsen Across From Beppu Station: Hotel Sea Wave

If you are looking for onsen near Beppu Station, look no further! Sea Wave is just a walk across the street! How to get to Beppu […]
31 Oct. 2020

You Can Drink Hot Spring Water? Japanese “Insen”

Onsen waters come from deep inside the Earth’s crust where they are imbued with minerals from volcanic gases. From the onsen experts, Toji Joshi, we learned […]
24 Oct. 2020

What You Should Bring To Onsen: The Basics

You decided to take the plunge. You did your research and have finally found the perfect onsen. But you are unsure of what to take! For […]
17 Oct. 2020

Onsen vs Hot Spring: Beppu Onsen And Blue Lagoon

Onsen vs Hot Spring: What’s The Difference? If you love hot springs as we do, you too are waiting til the day we will all be […]
29 Sep. 2020

Friendliest Guest House In Town! Hiromiya

Beppu Guest House Hiromiya: Relax, Save Money, Experience A Traditional Japanese Vacation For those wondering where to stay in Beppu, we suggest Beppu Guest House Hiromiya, […]
18 Jul. 2020

Top 10 Ryokan With Private Onsen In Beppu

Enjoy Onsen Culture In Safety Coronavirus has left many onsen fans worrying whether dipping into hot springs could endanger their safety. According to experts, the risk […]
20 Jun. 2020

Onsen Where Tattoos Are Allowed Vol.1

The Girl With The Tattoo Explores Onsen ~ Shibaino Yu Being a foreign woman with tattoos living in Japan, it’s easy to feel isolated. Add that […]
01 Apr. 2020

Teruyu Onsen: “SHABU SHABU” With Locals!

Before going abroad to Japan my mother told me that I should be like a “sponge” and absorb everything I can from the culture. She said […]
31 Mar. 2020

Beautiful Wooden Onsen: Nogami Honkan

I have been visiting different onsen in the time I’ve lived here in Beppu, and I must say that each and every single one of them […]
30 Mar. 2020

A Foot Massage With My Onsen? All Is Possible at Hotel Beppu Pastoral!

Hello there! I am excited to tell you about my amazing experience in the onsen of Hotel Beppu Pastoral! First of all, let me share a […]
07 Mar. 2020

Our Top 3 Mixed Gender Onsen In Beppu

Experiencing hot springs when you travel around Japan must be on your “to-do” list. However, if you are traveling with companions of the opposite gender, you […]