Yamada Besso: Experience the Daily Life of a Mid-Century Japanese Family in This Retro 92-Year-Old Onsen Villa

Yamada Besso stands in central Beppu, only a short walk from the city’s main transportation hubs. Imbued with a nostalgic elegance inheritance from a bygone era, […]

Yamanami no Yu: A One-Of-A-Kind Onsen Experience Where Art, Hot Springs, and Innovative Saunas Come Together

Enjoy everything Beppu’s marvelous hot spring scene has to offer at Yamanami no Yu. From elegant private onsen to gorgeous communal outdoor baths framed by soothing […]

Sally Garden Inn Yanagiya: Unwind in a Centuries-Old Onsen Inn Filled With Retro Sophistication and Serenity

Envision a carefully preserved traditional hot spring inn and cobblestone alleys filled with the fumes of onsen, wooden rooms where the floors are made of tatami, […]

Okamotoya Shop: Savor Handmade Jigokumushi Pudding, Beppu’s Iconic Sweet Treat Steamed in Hot Springs

Delicious dishes for the palate and gorgeous views for the eyes await you at Okamotoya Shop, one of Beppu’s most eminent restaurants when it comes to […]

Amane Resort Seikai: Become One With the Ocean at This Magnificent Seaside Onsen Retreat

*Please note that you are usually not allowed to wear a towel when bathing in onsen.*Please note that tattoos are not allowed. Amane Resort Seikai stands […]

Amanek Beppu Yula-re: Appreciate Beppu’s Crafts and Traditions at This Rooftop Onsen Hotel Located Right in the Heart of the City

Right in the center of Beppu is Amanek Beppu Yula-re, a charming onsen hotel with a spectacular rooftop infinity onsen pool and unique architecture incorporating Beppu’s […]

Zekkei no Yado Sakuratei: Relax in Onsen Baths at Beppu’s “Inn of Superb Views”

Picturesque views of Beppu seen from above await at Zekkei no Yado Sakuratei, a refined traditional Japanese inn located on top of a hill in the […]

Morihan Bettei: Savor Tea and Snacks at This Unique Onsen Tea Room and Coffee Space

Morihan Bettei is a facility dotted with healing spots such as hot springs, a river, and forests scattered on a vast site of approximately 13,000 square […]

Beppu Onsen Suginoi Hotel: Soak in the Magnificent Panorama of the Beppu Bay from Expansive Infinity Onsen Baths

Beppu Onsen Suginoi Hotel takes advantage of its premium location to ensure superb views of Beppu’s surrounding mountains and the Beppu Bay in the distance. This […]

Sakurayu: Enjoy an Enchanted Garden With 20 Different Types of Private Hot Spring Baths

*Please note that you are usually not allowed to wear a swimsuit when bathing in onsen. *Except for the communal bath, the onsen baths here are […]

Beppu Ohirayama Onsen Okatanoyu: Relax in a Miniature Onsen Village Enveloped by Nature

*Please note that you are usually not allowed to wear a swimsuit when bathing in onsen. *The onsen baths here are private, so those with tattoos […]

Beppu No Oyado Kagaya: Explore The Hot Spring Cave

Only a minute walk from Beppu Tower, you will find Kagaya, a quaint inn from the Showa era (1926-1989). Conveniently located in Beppu centre, Beppu no […]