04 Mar. 2022

Hot Spring Hidden in Beppu’s Foothills — Okumyoban Sanso

Okumyoban Sanso is a hot spring at a traditional style wooden house, surrounded by nature in the foothills of Beppu. Here you can enjoy a natural […]
09 Feb. 2022

Gotouen: Discover The Well Hidden Hot Springs Of Beppu

Click the “GET STARTED” button below. By answering a few questions you can find an AMAZING ONSEN perfect for your needs! Don’t worry about the crowds, […]
09 Feb. 2022

Oniyama Hotel: Stunning Even On A Rainy Day

Oniyama Hotel: Stunning even on a rainy day You’ve come all this way for a trip, but the rain… Oniyama Hotel is a great place to […]
26 Nov. 2021

Spice Up Your Instagram Feed: Photogenic Onsens

Spice Up Your Instagram Feed: Hidamari Onsen Hananoyu and Sakurayu If you live in Japan or have Japanese friends, you might have heard the term インスタ映え […]
17 Sep. 2021

Kaimonji And Shibaseki Onsen: Enjoy Onsen On A Budget

If you’re traveling to Beppu or just a new student in town, you might not have the extra money to splurge on visiting high-end onsens. Onsen […]
09 Sep. 2021

Okamotoya Onsen: Healing For Your Soul And Skin

Onsen are known to have many healing properties, and is just one of many reasons they are so popular. Sulfur hot springs in particular are well […]
24 Aug. 2021

Hidden Pearl In The Mountain Side: Mugen No Sato Onsen

The stress of everyday life can really take a toll on our mind and body. What better than to take a bath while enjoying picturesque scenery […]
10 Aug. 2021

~A Romantic Getaway ~ Visit With Your Partner.

Now that summer is around the corner, it’s finally time to relax and spend some well deserved time with your loved ones. And what’s better than […]
15 Jan. 2021

Kappa No Yu Onsen: Locals’ Chosen Spa

Kappa No Yu: Enjoy four seasons in one! A surreal experience in Beppu! Experiencing four seasons in one onsen visit sounds like an impossible undertaking, but […]
10 Jan. 2021

Any Weather Is Perfect for Onsen!

I am Estefanía, a Mexican college student living here in Beppu for a couple of months now and I can say for sure I am in […]
29 Dec. 2020

Hyotan Onsen: An Onsen For All

Last time, we introduced the generous owner of Hyotan Onsen, Jin Tanaka. In this article, we will take a look at how he created one of […]
23 Dec. 2020

How Hyotan Onsen Became One Of the Best Hot Springs In Town

Hyotan Onsen is known as one of Beppu’s top hot spring establishments. Indeed, this hot spring possesses a peaceful atmosphere surrounded by nature, while offering one […]