28 Mar. 2022

A Modern Japanese Private Hot Spring – Ryochiku Bettei

Hello readers! I am Chuchu. I am a student writer! I would like to introduce you to Ryochiku Bettei; a hot spring hotel with a modern […]
25 Mar. 2022

Shiraike Jigoku (White Pond) – Peaceful Garden With Tropical Fish

This time we would like to introducing you to “Shiraike Jigoku’. It’s famous for being a habitat for tropical fish as it providing hot spring heat […]
25 Mar. 2022

Yumehinoki No Yu Daibutsu Onsen: Keeping The Legacy Alive

Yumehinoko no Yu Daibutsu Onsen is a small communal bath run by Takashi Yamamura, the third generation of a family running hot springs enjoyed by locals. […]
25 Mar. 2022

5 Onsens For Hands, Just Three Mins Away From The Station

Hello present and future Kyushu travelers! As you might know, Kyushu is a beautiful southern island in Japan.. When you travel to Kyushu, be sure not […]
24 Mar. 2022

Chinoike Jigoku – Bloddy Pond? Red Hell?

Have you ever seen a red pond? Does this sound scary to you? In Beppu, which is located in the southern part of Kyushu island in […]
24 Mar. 2022

Oniishi Bozu Jikoku – The Muddy Monk Head Hell

Hello readers! In this article, I would like to introduce you to a hot spring source and tourist spot in Beppu called “Hell”. These springs in […]
24 Mar. 2022

Kamioka Onsen Hozanso: The Skin-Beautifying Hot Spring

Dubbed by onsen-experts as a skin beauty onsen, Kamioka Onsen Hozanso’s unique spring water has earned a great reputation for its beautifying abilities! The small inn […]
22 Mar. 2022

Okamotoya: One-Of-A-Kind Food Experience

When driving up towards Myoban, it’s hard to miss the huge pudding sign at the side of the road. If you’ve ever seen this sign you […]
22 Mar. 2022

Nagomi No Yado Mutsuki: Where Traditional Meets Modern

Nagomi No Yado Mutsuki, or Mutsuki for short, is a traditional Japanese inn that is located at the foot of Mt. Ogiyama. Mutsuki hosts multiple hot […]
22 Mar. 2022

Tomodachi Guide to The Hell Tour and Yuya Ebisu Onsen

Hello dear readers. I’m Chu-Chu, your Beppu local guide. Have you read the last article about our tour? If not, please check it out.   To […]
22 Mar. 2022

Many Things To See At Umi Jigoku (Sea Hell)

Umi Jigoku (The Sea Hell) is one of the most well-known tourist attractions in Beppu. It is not only part of the Hell tour, but you […]
18 Mar. 2022

Artist And Suehiro Onsen Manager – Interview With Masamitsu Katsu

Unlike previous Enjoy Onsen articles, we would like to introduce you to someone who works on the facilities side of the Beppu Onsen. We interviewed an […]