18 Mar. 2022

Miyukiya: Like Walking Into A Museum

If you look up the word charming in the dictionary, the first thing you will find is a picture of Miyukiya and the lovely people running […]
18 Mar. 2022

Enjoy Onsen With Food, Foot And Handicraft Making

What is Enma? Enma is a Geothermal Tourism Lab located in the Kannawa onsen area in Beppu city on the southern island of Kyushu, Japan. At […]
17 Mar. 2022

Daikokuya – Enjoy Onsen With Toji Experience

Daikokuya is a Japanese-style ryokan located in the Kannawa area. It was founded during the Showa era and continues to operate today. Takuya Yasunami is the […]
11 Mar. 2022

Tenku-Yubo Seikaiso: A Beppu Bay dream

Located right in the center of downtown Beppu you can find Tenku-Yubo Seikaiso, a hotel that features a luxurious ocean view. The hotel offers several different […]
11 Mar. 2022

Accessible For All: Wheelchair-Friendly Hot Springs

If you are concerned about finding an accessible hot spring when you visit Beppu, don’t worry we got you! In this article we will be introducing […]
04 Mar. 2022

A Blast From The Past: The Traditional Ryokan Sennari

Only a four-minute walk away from Beppu station you will find Kappo Ryokan Sennari; a charming, traditional Japanese inn. Ryokan Sennari offers a private and public […]
04 Mar. 2022

Hot Spring Hidden in Beppu’s Foothills — Okumyoban Sanso

Okumyoban Sanso is a hot spring at a traditional style wooden house, surrounded by nature in the foothills of Beppu. Here you can enjoy a natural […]
09 Feb. 2022

Gotouen: Discover The Well Hidden Hot Springs Of Beppu

Don’t worry about the crowds, enjoy ONSEN in the embrace of nature! We introduce you to the secret hot spring “Gotouen” in Beppu. In the depths […]
09 Feb. 2022

Oniyama Hotel: Stunning Even On A Rainy Day

Oniyama Hotel: Stunning even on a rainy day You’ve come all this way for a trip, but the rain… Oniyama Hotel is a great place to […]
21 Dec. 2021

The Appeal Of Onsen Culture

The appeal of onsen culture : A Norwegian lost in Japan: Hi everyone! My name is Emma and I’m international student who somehow found her way […]
26 Nov. 2021

Spice Up Your Instagram Feed: Photogenic Onsens

Spice Up Your Instagram Feed: Hidamari Onsen Hananoyu and Sakurayu If you live in Japan or have Japanese friends, you might have heard the term インスタ映え […]
15 Nov. 2021

Tomodachi Guide With People’s Lab -Part 2

Tomodachi Guide with People’s Lab Part 2 Hello dear readers. I’m Chu-Chu, your Beppu local guide. This is the second half of our last artiche! In […]