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Enjoy Onsen With Food, Foot And Handicraft Making

What is Enma? Enma is a Geothermal Tourism Lab located in the Kannawa onsen area in Beppu city on the southern island of Kyushu, Japan. At […]

How To Get To And Around Beppu From Fukuoka

If you are looking for onsen near Fukuoka, look no further than Beppu Onsen! If you are visiting Kyushu for the first time, you will be […]

Sightseeing in Beppu: Covid 2021 Update

This article is for those who are interested in sightseeing in Beppu and its many points of interest this year, but are not sure what is […]

Why Japanese Love Onsen: 3 Big Reasons

Wondering why Japanese love onsen so much? I’m onsen lover Haruka Styles writing to you from Beppu, Japan! In this article, I will explain why I […]

Why Japanese Drink Milk After Onsen

Anyone who has been to onsen knows there are always vending machines waiting nearby. Of course, it’s easy to see why patrons would want to rehydrate […]

First Onsen Tips and Tricks For Shy Foreigners

A New World: Onsen For The First Time! For this article, I am extremely excited to share my very first onsen experience with you all! I […]

Why Is Onsen Good For You? Ask The Onsen Girls

The Japanese culture has long cherished onsen for its health benefits, but many who come from countries where hot spring bathing isn’t common practice wonder, “why?”. […]

How Onsen Works: A Geothermal Gift

You might have heard about Japanese hot springs, or “onsen,” but do you know how onsen works? In truth, the process began millions of years ago, […]

One Of The Best Onsen in Japan: Beppu Onsen

The onsen resort town of Beppu produces the greatest amount of hot spring water in all of Japan, reaching 125,000 liters per day. Out of the […]

Can Coronavirus Live in Onsen? Japan’s Experts Answer

Japan is just starting to reopen and recover from the coronavirus outbreak. Though eager to escape isolation, many residents worry about the safety of traveling. Among […]

Coronavirus and Beppu Onsen: What You Need To Know To Sightsee Safely

**UPDATED 6/24/20**This article will cover the status of coronavirus and Beppu Onsen as of June 2020. We will introduce what facilities are operating in this hot […]

Coronavirus Battle In A Small Onsen Town; &FLOW

Coronavirus has taken many things from us. It stole the joy of a simple stroll outside. It devastated our financial stability. It claimed countless human lives. […]