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30 May. 2020

Enjoying Beppu Onsen – An Experience of a Lifetime

How to Enjoy Beppu Vol.1 through 11 How To Beppu? Learn from Others and Do it Yourself Many people who visit Beppu for the first time […]
30 Apr. 2019

Wander Compass: Friendly Tourist Info In Beppu Station

In April of this year, a place for foreigners to visit was born in Beppu Station. The name is Wander Compass Beppu. It is a so-called […]
30 Mar. 2019

Eight Kinds Of Onsen In Beppu!

The charm of Beppu’s hot springs is that you can enjoy various kinds. In addition to soak-type hot springs, there are many unique styles of hot […]
28 Feb. 2019

A Hundred Open-Air Baths In Beppu

There are countless hot springs in Beppu. Moreover, it’s one of Beppu’s charms that there are hot springs unique to it such as the sand bath, […]
21 Dec. 2018

Onsen With Kids? Ask Mom Of Five-Month-Old Onsen Master

To the parents out there who want to enjoy onsen with kids, this article is for you! We interviewed the youngest onsen master and her mother. […]
30 Sep. 2018

How To Take Onsen (Hot Springs) In Japan

Hello! Today, we will explain how to take onsen in Japan as well as give you some tips and manners! Please read this article and learn […]
30 Sep. 2018

Onsen Rules: A Case Study of Beppu

There are many hot springs in towns and cities all over Japan, each with unique sets of onsen rules and customs about how to act in […]
01 Aug. 2018

Three Ways Of Effective Onsen Bathing

There are seven kinds of spring qualities that can be found in Beppu, the onsen capital of Japan. It is rare to have such varied kinds […]
30 Jun. 2018

What Is Onsen? All Questions Answered!

Do you know exactly what is onsen in Japan? To put it simply, in Japanese, the word “onsen” means hot spring. Some people believe that it […]
30 Jun. 2018

How To Behave At Onsen: Honor The Japanese “Onsen Communication”

New to the world of Japanese hot springs and wondering how to behave at onsen? You might not have guessed one of the most important points […]
30 Jun. 2018

Hot Springs Are Not Just For Bathing?! Four Other Ways To Enjoy Onsen

When people think of onsen, they tend to think of just bathing in the natural hot springs, but the Japanese people who have always been surrounded […]
18 Jun. 2018

Onsen in Japan: The Hot Spring Categories

Beppu City has around 2,300 hot spring wells and the flow rate is about 83,000 liters per minute. There are more than 150 onsen (hot springs) […]