01 Aug. 2018

Shibu No Yu: An Onsen In Kannawa Steeped In History

In the Kannawa Onsen district of Beppu, there are many onsen densely packed together. By walking for only a short time, you can find many different […]
01 Aug. 2018

Hot Spot Onsen, Oniishi No Yu, Just Next To Beppu Jigoku

The first thing that people think of when they think of Beppu is the “hot spring hells tour” or (Jigoku Meguri)”. In this tour, you can […]
31 Jul. 2018

Mixed Japanese Mud Bath! Beppu Onsen Hoyoland

It Ain’t Your Average Onsen. It’s A Mixed Bath! Beppu Onsen Hoyoland is one of Beppu Onsen’s most rare and exciting hot springs! In addition to […]
30 Jun. 2018

The Only Detoxing Herbal Steam Bath: Kannawa Mushiyu

A Buddhist monk found this Kannawa Mushiyu in 1276. It is a steam bath using sekisho, a Japanese herb, which has a wonderful scent. It is […]
18 Jun. 2018

Anti-aging!? Universal Design Onsen Furosen

Beppu City boasts the world’s highest output of usable onsen water. Just a 5 minute-walk from Beppu Station there is an onsen called Furosen, which means […]
18 Jun. 2018

Blessed With Children By Kotobuki Onsen ?

Kotobuki Onsen is located in a little residential area not far from the shopping street. Its cozy appearance makes it look very pretty. It is a […]
18 Jun. 2018

Gather Locals And Also Travelers, Friendly Kaimonji Onsen

Kaimonji Onsen is a friendly hot spring located next to a small park. From Beppu Station, the center of Japan’s famous onsen (hot spring) city, it […]
18 Jun. 2018

Ekimae Koto Onsen: For The Adventurous And The Conservative

To learn more about the history between bathing and milk in Japan, please read our article, “Why Japanese Drink Milk After Onsen”. Ekimae Koto Onsen, located […]
11 May. 2018

Mugennosato Shunkashuutou: The Hidden, Secret Hot Spring,

Mugennosato Shunkashuutou is a hot spring which has numerous outdoor baths dotted across beautiful nature. It is popular among Japanese hot spring fans for its waters, […]
11 May. 2018

Sakurayu: Enter The Rich Private Bath

Sakurayu Onsen, built in a venerable mountain village, is popular for its 20 different types of private family baths. It’s a hot spring where the conversation […]
11 May. 2018

Yuya Ebisu: An Onsen On The Hill With A Superb View

Yuya Ebisu Onsen is a part of the Ebisu ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) founded 143 years ago, and has been healing, both body and soul through […]
26 Mar. 2018

If You Want Beautiful Skin, Then It’s Hyotan Onsen!

Hyotan Onsen is a bathing hot spring (onsen) that is truly representative of Beppu, Oita, as it has earned the highest rank of 3 stars from […]