Love for Beppu


In Japan Once A Year

How to enjoy Onsen Vol.10 from Sydney Hello! This is the hot-spring-and-Beppu-loving Haruka Styles. Today, I’ll be conveying Beppu’s charms to people from all over the […]

Mesmerized By Japan On A Honeymoon!

Beppu is a small hot spring resort town located on the southern island of Kyushu, Japan. How to enjoy Beppu vol.9 from London, UK I’m Haruka! […]

A Hot Spring You Can Enjoy With Your Family

How to enjoy Beppu -vol.7 from Tasmania Island While I was working at ”Tourists’ Hub & Lounge Wander Compass Beppu“, a point of contact between Beppu […]

The Story Of A Guest Who Came By Word Of Locals

How to Enjoy Beppu vol.8 from Seattle While working at Beppu Station’s Tourists’ Hub & Lounge “Wander Compass Beppu”, the connection between Beppu and the world, […]

Things New And Unchanging

How to Enjoy Beppu Vol.5 – From Switzerland It was 34 years ago. I visit this place, Beppu. I don’t remember the reason clearly. Why did […]

My Last Big Trip – An Episode Of A Traveler In Beppu

How to enjoy Beppu -vol.6 from California, USA A guest from America stopped by Wander Compass. She was staying in Beppu for 3 days and had […]

Onsen-loving College Students

How to Enjoy Beppu Vol.4 ~ Hot spring hopping with an onsen spa-port in hand ~ Have you ever imagined how Japanese students spend their time? […]

Did You Know Post-Hiking Onsen Is The Best?

When you spend a day in Beppu, it’s hot springs that immediately become part of the plan. Beppu City is famous for having eight hot springs […]

The Charm Of Beppu According To Inazumi-San Who Has Worked For “17 YEARS” Helping Foreign Travelers In Beppu.

Hello to all travelers who are interested in Beppu and onsen! This time, I interviewed Inazumi-san who is working for a tourist information center in Beppu […]

What Are Beppu’s Charms According To Enjoy Onsen’s Editorial Department??

This time, Enjoy Onsen’s media editorial department will be interviewing a member of our own department. What kind of person? What is the true charm of […]

The Joy Of Collecting Stamps On “Spaport”

Hi, I’m Hinata. I’m a college student who’s been living in Beppu for 3 years, and I’ve set my sights on becoming an Onsen Master! Those […]

Get A Black Belt (Or Towel) In Onsen-Do

Onsen master, Mr.Sato This is Mr. Sato. He originates from Kumamoto and is an onsen master with a great love for Beppu. But wait! You may […]