Love for Beppu

28 Feb. 2019

What Are Beppu’s Charms According To Enjoy Onsen’s Editorial Department??

This time, Enjoy Onsen’s media editorial department will be interviewing a member of our own department. What kind of person? What is the true charm of […]
21 Dec. 2018

The Joy Of Collecting Stamps On “Spaport”

Hi, I’m Hinata. I’m a college student who’s been living in Beppu for 3 years, and I’ve set my sights on becoming an Onsen Master! Those […]
30 Nov. 2018

Get A Black Belt (Or Towel) In Onsen-Do

Onsen master, Mr.Sato This is Mr. Sato. He originates from Kumamoto and is an onsen master with a great love for Beppu. But wait! You may […]
28 Oct. 2018

One Traveller’s Local Onsen Experience

How To Enjoy Beppu Vol.3 – From Mexico ¡Bienvenido! means “Welcome” in Spanish! This time, we will introduce Artemio from Mexico, the country of passion, and […]
31 Aug. 2018

How To Spend Time In Beppu Enjoying Onsen Vol.2

For people who like hot-springs and have tattoos, this article may be useful to you. Japan has associated tattoos with criminal forces for a long time. […]
01 Aug. 2018

A Beauty Guru’s Take On Beppu Onsen

How To Spend Time In Beppu Enjoying Onsen Vol.1 For the traveler, Beppu is an onsen (hot spring) resort in Japan. But for people living in […]